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Did you know?

Did you know that in 2020, 40% of organizations did not meet their revenue targets according to Hubspot CRM?  This is the year to re-evaluate your continued client focus to enable the sale, from all angles: marketing, sales, and customer service.

Sales Enablement Is Not Just Sales Training!  

Would you like to increase your win rate by 38%?  According to MarketingProfs, organizations that were aligned in both sales and marketing experienced this result. 

Forrester explains how organizations must reconnect with their customers in 2021 to truly understand their needs and minimize gaps in the customer journey.  Understanding the customer’s needs at every touchpoint from marketing, pre-sales, post-sales, ongoing support, and product development is important to maximize revenue and build customer loyalty with each client.

Amy Looper, Founder Relativity Consulting is unique in her sales leadership approach as she has an appreciation for both sales and marketing to create a loyal, customer experience driving recurring revenue.  Learn how to easily map your Customer’s Journey in this quick video:

Customers can experience your company in a myriad of ways throughout their journey from finding your business during an initial web search to engaging in a pre-sales conversation, partnering, and beyond.  Relativity Consulting can deliver the following enablement services: 

  • Customer Buyer Journey Alignment
  • Competitive Shopping/ Market Research
  • Sales Technology Orchestration (CRM, Sales Intelligence Tools, etc.)
  • Content Creation For Sales & Partner Enablement
  • Sales Call Scripting 

Contact us to discuss your company’s individual needs and download the top sales enablement KPI guide here.


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We were able to make strategic product and service decisions.

“When we needed clarity on our growing competition and market offerings we turned to Relativity Consulting for sales enablement services.  By providing market research, we were able to make strategic product and service decisions confidently and our sales team was more prepared to go to market in highly competitive opportunities.”

– Tom Visotsky, MedAllies